Soda=No, Water=Yes!


Hi all! Since it is summer, I thought I would discuss something very important when the weather is hot: hydration, or more to the point proper hydration. This is a subject that means a lot to me because I think proper hydration is key to a life full of vitality. After all, the human body is mostly water, right? So what I put into my body is critical for my continued good health.

Sodas are bad, but diet sodas are even worse!

Sodas are bad, but diet sodas are even worse!

  • Sodas are a giant no-no- I cannot overemphasize this point enough. Sodas are not a healthy choice, they have no nutritional value, are loaded with sugar, and if drinking a diet soda, are full of chemicals that can be toxic to your body. Studies have linked diet soda with certain cancers because of the fake, toxic chemicals they contain. STAY AWAY FROM SODAS! They should be an “every once in a while” type of indulgence, if at all. I drink water as my go to drink, and if I’m craving a soda, which is seldom, I will drink Izze soda which is natural and contains real fruit juice with no added sugar. I love all of the flavors and know I’m not putting toxic chemicals in my body which is an added bonus.


  • Water, water everywhere and we should drink a lot of it- I’ve discussed my dislike of soda and how I drink water all day long, however, I need to clarify my feelings regarding water. First of all, I make sure the water I drink is filtered, preferably through reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process in which water is driven through a membrane that takes out impurities like total dissolved solids, asbestos, lead and other heavy toxic metals, chlorinated pesticides, and other impurities. The process is effective at removing between 90-99% of all contaminants. The only disadvantage I know is that the flow rate is low because of the process of RO, and so the amount of water produced is somewhat less than other processes. When I moved to a more rural environment and drank well water for the first time, I researched filtration processes, and RO was my choice to provide the most pure water for me and my family. What I love most about drinking RO water is that it has no flavor and there are no weird things floating around in it. Water shouldn’t have either of these things, unless it’s intentional. I also stay away from bottled water too. Many of the bottled water companies say their water is from “pure mineral springs” when it is actually from US municipal water, and then they filter it and add minerals. Also, even though the bottles themselves can be recycled, most of them end up in the trash, which isn’t good for the environment. I have a good, BPA free water bottle, I fill it with filtered tap water, put it in the fridge to get cold, and take it with me for the day. I never use the artificially flavored powders to add to my water, if I am in the mood for flavored water I add a slice of organic lemon and that provides lovely, natural flavor to my water. Other great flavored additions to water: an organic orange slice, a chunk of organic pineapple, a sprig of mint, an organic strawberry, really anything is possible here.
Organic fruit in my water- my favorite way to drink it!

Organic fruit in my water- my favorite way to drink it!

So this summer make sure to make a healthy hydration choice, stay away from sodas, especially diet ones, and drink filtered tap water in an eco friendly glass container. Happy hydrating!


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