Atchoo! Here’s what you can do!



Spring comes to my backyard!

Hello, friends! Ahhh, spring has come to our beautiful country, such a relief from winter. The flowers are blooming, the grass is turning green, the leaves are budding on the trees and my allergy symptoms have usually returned in full force. In past years, my nose is runny, I’m sneezing my head off, my eyes are itchy and I’ve got that nagging  post nasal drip cough. Sounds lovely, right? But not this year, yay for me!

Are any of you suffering from seasonal allergies? If so fear not my lovely readers because I’ve got some highly effective supplements to help you deal with your symptoms. As always I keep it as natural as I possibly can.  Primarily so you don’t have to worry that what I have advised you to take will have more side effects than the symptoms you’re trying to eliminate! Remember not to take anything without first checking with your physician. 

Here are my top three go-to seasonal allergy fighters.


1. Allervene/D-Hist Jr.- Allervene is made by Guyer Institute. It’s primary ingredient is Quercetin. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid, and research is now uncovering just how effective it is at minimizing allergic reactions. Here’s how- when we absorb allergens into our body (pollen, dust, grass, pet hair) we go into histamine overload with histamine flowing into our blood. This triggers the familiar responses I detailed above, sneezing, runny nose, etc. Quercetin stabilizes mast cell membranes preventing them from allowing histamine to pour into tissues and blood. Without the histamine entering your blood stream you will not have allergy symptoms, even though you’ve inhaled that dust, dirt or cat hair. I’ve been taking Allervene since last spring when I started suffering from seasonal allergy symptoms, and I haven’t had a single one! I take 2-4 in the morning, and the same dose in the evening. I take 4 when allergens are at their height, and I literally have no symptoms at all. It’s life changing! 

D-Hist Jr. is the chewable version of Allervene for children. I used it when the girls were little and it really works!

2. Homeopathic histamin-Homeopathics work by giving the body an infinitesimally small amount of whatever is causing you problems, thereby turning it into a source of healing for your body. There is a homeopathic for seasonal allergies called histamin and I’ve used it numerous times to great effect when my allergy symptoms are at their height. It can be used while taking Allervene. 

3. Xclear-The primary ingredient in this nasal spray is xylitol, a sugar alcohol, the same ingredient found in many types of chewing gum. The spray washes allergens out of your nose, cleanses your nasal passages of harmful bacteria, and clears the nose of salt, which can cause problems in the nose- a main reason why saline sprays are ineffective. Using this spray twice a day can help eliminate nasal allergy symptoms. It can also be used along with the Allervene to control some of the worse sneezing, runny nose, and post nasal drip during allergy season.

My rescue babies!

My big three allergy control go-to’s can also be used to eliminate allergies to pet hair. Therefore, those of you who can’t have pets due to allergies can use these products year round, and can have that dog or cat you’ve always dreamed of! Remember to adopt your animals- don’t shop for them! Public service announcement for the week! 

So that’s my advice for the week, wonderful readers. All of the above mentioned products can be purchased from Guyer Institute online pharmacy, or by calling/ emailing them. Allervene should be your number one line of defense for anyone who suffers from allergies, and the other products should be used for times when you need a little extra help with your symptoms. They really worked and have changed my life, so try them you’ll like them. Having an allergy free life will allow you to live a life of vitality- with Valerie! 

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